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Heat Exchanger Wheels

DevFresh Heat Exchanger Wheel (HEW) exchanger is meant for those whom requires the solution that recovers both sensible (temperature) and latent (moisture) energy, and does effective job on Recovering the Heat and Humidity.

It is also called as at lower energy cost reduced chillier load.

Energy Conservation Wheels, Energy Recovery Wheels, Enthalpy Wheels, Sensible Wheels, Hygroscopic Wheels, Condensation Wheels or Sorption Wheel.

Ventilations Fans

Our Ventilation exhaust Fans goes along with much range of our other Applications. Our Honourable clients are more from Greenhouses, Poultry, Garment Manufacturing, and Industrial Applications.

About the Product

DevFresh Heat Exchanger Wheel-HEW is a benefit for facility operators with regards to getting fresh Air and saving recurring expenses. Our Heat Wheels in the air-conditioning system means more outdoor air at lower energy cost reduced chiller load

Energy Conservation Wheels, Energy Recovery Wheels, Enthalpy Wheels, Sensible Wheels, Hygroscopic Wheels, Condensation Wheels or Sorption Wheels.

The Production

Devatech as a Company wants to meet the Users requirement as exact and as precise as possible. Every National government regulation to preserve and proper utilisation of energy has resulted in increasing the use of energy recovery equipment.

We strictly go with engineer’s suggestions which is otherwise called as perfect technical utility and  end user awareness as the  Investment in energy recovery equipment significantly reduce the energy costs associated with conditioning ventilation air, and lowers the investment initial cost  in lowering stream heating, cooling and humidification equipment.


Devatech`s Aluminium made  hygroscopic coating of the storage combination pulls  the additional advantage of recovering moisture. Summer operation  is dehumidification of warm and humid supply air to reduce the energy consumption of the down stream cooling equipment. During Winter  this feature recovers moisture from the exhaust air to reduce the humidification load.

Energy Recovery from Devatech provides sound economic payback.

Energy Conservation Wheels are easily integrated and retrofitted in new ventilation systems. It can be easily installed into existing systems also. Delivers fresh air throughout the year at all conditions and Helps to meet ventilation standard without raising energy cost. As it Pre-conditions incoming fresh air maintains humidity conditions at no additional cost.

The Authority for Standard

The HVAC industry has responded to this indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns through its professional organization  The American Society of Heating and Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers which is Popularly known as ASHRAE.

ASHRAE have issued IAQ Standard 62, entitled "Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality". This standard specifies and stress on the need for continuous outdoor air ventilation as well as the importance of maintaining indoor humidity levels.

How to Recover Heat?

The combination of heat and humidity recovery of rotary heat exchangers is a highly efficient energy-saving. This is not a formula but is a Technology.

In the most of installation, the wheel is mounted in air handling unit AHU. It is positioned Supply and exhaust air each pass through half of the wheel in counter flow directions. The rotor media is a rotating transfer media.

In air-conditioning area, the cold air from air-condition room will pass through the half section of rotating honey comb cooling the metallic media which is Aluminium or other metal foil. This continuous rotating cooled media, after coming in other half section of frame, will cool the hot air coming from outside in the air-conditioned area.

It temporarily takes up the heat from the warm air stream and releases it in the colder air stream.

DevFresh Heat Exchanger Wheel (HEW) exchanger recovers both sensible (temperature) and latent (moisture) energy, and does effective job on Recovering the Heat and Humidity.

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  • One source for a range of air-treatment and ventilation products
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  • Evaporative Cooling Pad
  • Ventilation Fan
  • Desiccant Rotor/ Dehumidifier Rotor
  • Heat Recovery Wheels (HRW)/Heat Exchanger Wheels (HEW)
  • Desiccant Dehumidifier
  • Mould Dehumidifier
  • Resin Dryer
  • Plastic Dryer
  • Air Handling Unit (AHU)
  • Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)
  • Treated Fresh Air Unit (TFA)
  • Plate Heat Exchanger, etc.
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